Tuesday, April 11, 2006


still bit confused as to why. i wish. i just wish i wasn't lame enough in the past. maybe this wouldnt be if i just took extra leaps in my own life; and it'd be better today.

a part of me still wants you. it's the part that hopes and believes..

Monday, April 10, 2006

NEW bl0g theme

think m gnna start a new theme. away with old, in with new.

and it'll be coo. nuff said

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Truck Struck

After years of not gettin in a major accident. I finally get one. A truck hit me. It smashed me. It almost killed me. As I said before, alot of drivers out there are more barbaric than they are skilled. Thanking certain circumstances, i'm still alive but the hassle of dealing with this is...a great f*ck-up.

Another groundbreaking issue about this tragedy? His license says he's a Professional driver. Wowowee.

To LTO, before unleashing drivers on the road, please.... educate them :)

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Pixel eyes

i sometimes think that reality is made up of itsy-bitsy millions of pixels... hehehehe

i think the monitor's getting into me.

lately, my eyes are tired just looking at it. in class whenever im typing notes, and then at home whenever im just doin the usual surfing, researching, etc.

so what's it like if the computer was a living thing? it'd probly be staring at us while we're looking at it. hahahah; crazy thoughts eh? but someday, it might be possible. LG, Samsung, AOC, etc. all living creatures one day? perhaps so, perhaps so..

natnat. you're straining your perfectly handsome yet-not-blue eyes... someday, it'll just pop out and start talking to ya.
~your consciouness

Sunday, November 20, 2005


tonight was refreshing, we just came to this newly developed area near the manila bay. 'twas gr8, it reminded me of the "boardwalk" space in monopoly, clean and a bit high-class. Best of it all, you could smell the sea air, it was different from that usual grey air you breathe in manila (is it even called oxygen? lol).

Givin my props to whoever situated the place there... it somehow gives that feeling of a safe haven lol. [how come the harbor seems comforting? maybe, it's just the escapist feeling I get when you see the ocean, or probly the broad horizon of things].

Nevertheless, it'd be cool to check out the place at sunrise hehehe. And oh yeh, it wasn't really a "walk", more like just passing by. but dang, the whole thing was refreshing.

more of those i probly need :D

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Cringing, Yelping, And Hungry Feeling.

Ever get it? Not really wanting more... maybe uhm... a feeling when your insides are tightening.. hahahah maybe it's just school, or maybe i'm just hungry. It's somehow like being trapped in a cave or a room and its walls are getting smaller, and you feel the pressure to scream. hahahaha

cguro its just school. maybe anxious, maybe excited.

but on the other hand, as i'm putting this down, i'm hungry.

so i'll just eat some kamote and it'll probly go away :D

Monday, November 14, 2005

100 is to 2000

I just got word from pipboy that our philosophy class is only havin some 100+ pages of required readings for this entire semester! Shiiit, that's definitely something new! hehehe. My first two philosophy classes had around 1000+ pages worth of articles and the last philosophy class had about 2k.

Hopefully, this last philosophy course will be a joy-ride! ehehhe

natnat, hanggang ngayun pa ba you're still talking about school? get a life
~your subconscious

to my subconscious, pare, syempre ngayun may buhay na ko. less articles, more life!